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Want to be part of a team?
One of the biggest factors against us going to Russia is finances. The trip can be expensive, but with a few innovative fundraising ideas, you won't have to worry about it. Over the years team members as young as 15 have raised enough to make the trip!

We thought that we would list some of the best ways that you can raise money to make the trip.

20/20 Vision
If you can find 20 people that can each sponsor you $100 then you have already raised $2000.

House Party
A good way to raise money is to host a houseparty for all your friends, let them know what you are doing beforehand, and then collect donations at the door! You could have even have a theme.

Why not get your friends involved? It is a lot easier to fundraise as a team, and they will be glad that you invited them to be a part of what you are doing.

Why not buy a big flag from your country, and then have people sign it! You can charge for people to sign it, and then once you are in Russia you can give the flag to the kids as a momento.

Why not tell people in your area about what you are trying to do; tell them how much you are trying to raise, ask for their help - the worst that they can say is no!

Facebook event
Why not host an event on facebook, telling people about what you are doing, and why you need to raise money, and then invite them to an event like a BBQ or a picnic, that way you can invite a lot of people, raise money towards your trip, and have a good time with your friends.

Dinner Party

Host a dinner for friends. Tell them what it is for, and then have them make a donation. Before deciding on the size of the donation work out how much you need to spend on food.

Movie Party
Make some popcorn, pick a movie and have some friends around for a movie! Don't charge an admission as that would break copyright laws, but ask for donations.

Ten friends
Ask ten friends each to find ten people who can sponsor you.

Why not look for a public place where you can meet new people, tell them about what you are doing, and see if they can donate to the cause.

Spare change
Why not find a bucket, and at the end of the day put all your spare change into it. It will add up quickly and you could ask your friends to do the same.

Most raised
Have a competition with your friends to see who can raise the most money.

Dollar for dollar
Why not ask a local business if they will match donations up to a certain amount, so for every dollar you raise they will donate one.

Corporate Sponsor
Why not ask a company to sponsor you on your trip? You could offer to wear their logo on your shirt, and you may find that they are even happy to support the whole trip.

Use Your Skills
Are you a photographer? A musician? Why not let people know what you are trying to do and use your skills to raise funds!

Do you still live at home? Why not see if your parents will pay for part of the trip? Some parents may even be willing to pay half if you can raise the rest.
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