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Stories from our team members experiences
in Russia in 2016

Of the over a hundred of people that enter Russia each year, this is a mere handful of testimonies of lives that have been changed as they stepped out of their comfort zones to share the Gospel of Christ.
Over 2000 Aussies and Kiwis have made the trip so far!
Approximately 10000 from different countries.

"The little kids are very open hearted and loving. It’s not as difficult to break down barriers and show love. It is very rewarding to be with the little ones. They love any and all time you spend with them. And over time you learn more and more about their individual personalities and special interests, which is an absolute privilege. I connected personally with one or two of the older girls which I was very thankful for. Having the opportunity to get to know their stories and teaching them a little about myself and my faith. So valuable and I pray that seeds are sown."

"It is hard to single out one child as everyone is special and unique. It was great to see some familiar faces from last year. Sometimes you do something (like smiling, hugging) a child and don’t even realise you touched them in some ways. I was playing pioneer ball with the kids one evening when a little boy grapped my hand and escorted me to the disco to have a dance with me. Thought that was a very special moment."

"Was the number of groups we had. We had a lot of interest from the special interest groups that attended the camp. This was obviously encouraged by the hierarchy of the camp which means they must have had a very high opinion of us as a team and what we were doing."

"Arytom was a 16 yr old boy and loved to play basketball and it was just wonderful to connect with him and encourage him. He spoke some English which made things easier. He had such a kind heart and I loved being with him and hanging out. He and his mum were so touched by our presence that they met us in St. Petersburg to say a final goodbye and farewell. It was one fo the best parts of the day in St. Petersburg."

"I enjoyed getting to know the children a little more as I drew some pictures of them and gave them to them as gifts. Their faces lit up! I enjoyed giving them hugs and speaking some of my little Russian with them. Getting to talk to some of the workers here at the camp."

"This year I believe the outreach has changed me in many different ways that I don’t know about right now. I believe that the changes are yet to be discovered. This outreach has only increased my love for Russian and the kids and adults we have met here."

"Getting big hugs from kids you’ve not known for very long. Experiencing Russian culture. Saying incorrect words in Russian."

"I was watching some little children playing in a puddle of water and playing with sticks in the water. I saw a stick on the ground and I picked up the stick and drew a smiling face in the dirt, one of the girls saw came over and said “a smile face” and I said “da”. Then more kids came over and looked. Then for 20 minutes we all drew pictures in the dirt."

"There’s a lot of special moments and memories, but my favourite moments were ones where I would come out from breakfast, lunch etc. and there would be a whole bunch of kids who would call out my name and run over to me for a big hug and I’d spend a solid amount of time hugging them until they had to leave."

"I have never been to such places before. Since I am a member of summer camps counsellor’s club I have had opportunities and invitations to come and play/work with ‘special’ children. I always was a bit afraid. Now (thanks to the outreach) I know that it is such a wonderful experience to work with these children. I will come more to see them. And I hope that next year I will be able to work here with my Australian friends again."

"This is my third coming here, so It hasn’t influenced on me as much as my fist coming. That made me think about many things: that people’s lives are very different, that some of them have a lot of challenges and very often these people, especially kids, can’t get over it by themselves – they need help. Also I was thinking a lot about how should we raise and teach our children."

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