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 You have probably heard of Myspace, Twitter and Facebook, well Russia has their own version of Facebook, called bkohtakte(Russian), vkontakte(English)…pronounced con-tact- ta.

A great opportunity now exists using existing cyber technology to host a group dedicated, to helping all those who attend camps in Russia to stay connected ...Aussie, Kiwi and Finnish teams, translators, camp staff and above all the children and teens we meet.

So if you've been to a camp then join us and upload an album of your year and Camp and keep encouraging the children or teens you’ve met to stay in contact.  Please join us and invite your contacts to do the same.  It goes without saying that we want this site to be child safe so please keep your posts and uploads child friendly.   Not every Russian child has internet access yet, however many do and most can have access through a library or school, this is a great new way to keep in touch.  We will be asking the camp kids to keep in contact with each other as well using this group.

If your concerned about language then don’t worry the automatic language translators that are available freely online, can be setup to automatically translate Russian or English without touching a button.  They are accurate enough to understand the message, provided you use correct English or Russian typing in the first place. (hint auto translators are already built into the Google toolbar that you can install on your browser or you can keep links to Instant Message - translators such as installed on your browser as well.

Real friends forever is the name of the vkontakte group and exists as an organisation to facilitate this connection with a very simple philosophy love God, love people and love life. 

Steps to take to sign up for vkontakte

1.Google vkontakte login and select the site or type in into url address.
2.Registration page will open , you will need to complete a certain level of info (30% or more) to get access to all the vkontakte site.
3.Once registered, login (with your email and password) and type in Real friends forever into the search box, or enter into the url address.
4.Don’t forget to setup your browser to display Russian language and keyboard to type Cyrillic letters ... just Google this and follow the steps.
5.If you find these steps difficult ask a friend or relative who is already familiar with Facebook to assist you.

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